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  V/S Tech Digital Photo Frame Conversion


Digital pictures deserve the best display possible.... most photo frames available shown on Ebay have a resolution of 640x480, or VGA.  Why not have a resolution of 800x600, or 1024 x 768?  


These resolutions are possible by converting an old laptop of the PI to PIII variety into dedicated photo viewers.  V/S Tech offers a conversion service utilizing either one of our old laptops, or you can provide your own.  

Shown below is the conversion of an IBM Thinkpad 600, (PII 300, 800x600 resolution).

 Thinkpad 600
PII 300 Thinkpad before conversion to picture frame.




Same ThinkPad in its new configuration running
Mandriva Linux.  NOTE: Windows can be installed if you own a copy and provide the COA or the hard drive with
Windows already installed


A couple of sample display images ...

Back of picture frame.  Note the keyboard remains attached, but the CD Rom and battery are no longer installed. 

A wireless network card allows administration of the system using VNC remote access software.  Photos are copied to the hard drive via the network card.

Photos are stored on the hard drive, and may be stored on removable media if the laptop model supports PCMCIA, or other memory cards.



We supply laptop:     $ TBA
We utilize your Laptop    $TBA


New Monitor (15" SVGA .28 DPI) Add $79.50
Out of Area Shipping: Call for pricing.

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