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Vassalotti/Sheridan Technologies

Your Low Price/High Service Computer Professionals!

We now have two locations!  We now serve the Altoona/Duncansville area from 901 Lawrence Drive in Duncansville.

In PA, CALL Gary at 814-207-0445!
In NC, CALL John at 704-890-2854

Visit our Consignment Store!  Products offered by our customers, and shipped to you from V/S Tech.

We offer the individual personal attention.  If you need a custom built PC, a friend to help you decipher the 'advertising noise' to select a brand name, a new web page, or some custom programming then we are your solution!

Thanks for visiting!

Services Offered: We offer:

  • Free In Home Delivery & Setup (limited delivery area)
  • In Home Computer Instruction (MS Office, Word Perfect, Internet Setup & Use)
  • System Upgrades and Peripheral Installation
  • Computer Consignment Sales - Why sell the system by yourself, let us help! Click for more Info    


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Contact us:
V/S Technologies
Mt Holly, NC
Duncansville, PA


John Sheridan
Gary Vassalotti